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Lots of people who need their keys copied usually go to a hardware or automotive store. Many even rely completely on a key duplication service that’s offered in department stores. This may sound like there’s nothing wrong with it, but you should never discount a professional duplicate key maker’s service. Copying or key duplication is just one of many services that your local Locksmith offers and is also a reason why many people started choosing them over key duplication kiosks and duplication machines.

Key duplication machine used by duplicate key maker

Close up of key duplication machine used by duplicate key makers.

Why is it better to rely on a professional duplicate key maker? Let’s find out!

For starters, you will be able to reach out to a duplicate key maker who’s bonded if you do your homework. This is important in ensuring your safety and giving you the best guarantee that you’ll be receiving the service as described and as promised. When you go to your local department store, you will be shocked when you see that an inexperienced teenager will be duplicating your keys for you.

A professional duplicate key maker, on the other hand, has had actual training, education, and experience. This means your keys will be properly duplicated and with ease. The bonding will give you an assurance that you, the customer, can trust the professional.

If you have tried having your keys duplicated in a local store, then it’s likely that you may have even received a duplicate key that does not work at all. We can say that it’s not entirely the fault of the person who copied your key. However, if you hire an expert duplicate key maker, you will be dealing with a professional who’s highly trained in key duplication. The expert is knowledgeable on the type of keys you need to have duplicated, as well as the processes that need to be used. Basically, a duplicate key maker is more reliable when it comes to the production of duplicate keys.

Emergency 24/7 Locksmith

Furthermore, the creation of a duplicate key is complex and it’s more than simple duplication. It’s something that needs to be handled by the skilled hands of a professional. Professional locksmiths have been extensively trained in dealing with keys and locks, even the specialized ones. They will ensure your duplicate keys work every single time you use them.

Keys that a professional duplicate key maker can copy

Various keys made by duplicate key maker displayed on wood.

Below are the types of keys that a professional duplicate key maker near me can copy:

  • Typical house key
  • Mortice lock key
  • Rim lock key
  • Garage door key
  • Antique or ancient key
  • Double glazing key
  • Tubular key
  • Padlock
  • Vehicle key
  • Vehicle transponder key
  • Restricted key
  • Desk, cupboard, or locker key
  • Key for a security safe
  • Patented key
  • Double-sided key
  • Four-sided key
  • Internal key
  • Paracentric key
  • Boat key
  • Zeiss key
  • Dimple key
  • Abloy key
  • Lexus Key

Antique and Vintage Keys

Old vintage keys require proper care and handling. A professional duplicate key maker will be able to help you duplicate the following vintage keys:

  • Old church key
  • Heart key
  • Flat or barrel
  • Skeleton key
  • Old furniture (desks, cabinets, chest drawers)
  • Suitcase or briefcase key

If you’re thinking of duplicating your keys, don’t hesitate to reach out to expert duplicate key makers. Key Smiths is a name you can trust. Contact us at 877-593-6580, and we guarantee that you’ll love the results done by the locksmith we will connect you with!

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