Are you smarter than some of the professional locksmiths? Then you will give us an answer on which lock opens everything on the image posted below. You can take your time to think about which lock actually opens everything but if you want to accept our challenge, take 5 minutes of your time to think hard and give us the answer right away on which lock opens everything once unlocked without hesitation if the answer is really correct or actually wrong.

which lock opens everything?

which lock opens everything riddle image

Solved the above riddle on which lock opens everything?

Congrats. Now write it down in the comments section below and we will let you know if you were correct. Want to challenge your friends to answer the which lock opens everything riddle? Share this link with them to give them a challenge. An idea would be to bet on something like a date with a girl, or a beer with a friend if they answer incorrectly 2 times (just to give them more “chance of winning”). Once we get fifty correct answers, we will approve and post all the answers that were posted by people trying to answer the riddle. Do you think you got the skill to answer it correctly? Go ahead and submit your answer just don’t be disappointed if you were wrong since like we said before … professional locksmiths had trouble answering this one. And remember … if you need expert help from a professional 24 hour locksmith do give Key Smiths a call and enter your zip code to get connected to the best professional local locksmith in your area.