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Having the right tools as a locksmith is one of the most important aspects of the job aside from knowing how to use them. However, if you’re a new locksmith, you may not know which tools to use for certain jobs, or you might just want to know which particular set of tools are essential to your job so that you can keep them handy in your truck at all times.

We did some research and after interviewing a few seasoned locksmiths we found that there’s indeed a list of tools that are very important to a locksmith’s job and we’re sharing them here with you.

Want to know which 5 Locksmith Tools we are talking about?

The following is a review of the five main tools that you want to have if you’re starting out as a locksmith. Most of them are so versatile that you’ll probably find yourself using them in one way or another for every job.

  1. Adams Rite Tool

This one’s called the LKM237 and it’s from Lockmasters. Basically, it can save you a lot of time and energy when you’re working with double doors that have a difficult latch guard because it’s small enough to fit into the latch mechanism and it works similarly to how an actual key works. It’s also a very convenient and popular solution for difficult locks on aluminum frame glass doors, especially if there’s no latch guard. You can use this tool in combination with an air wedge to get the job done. The only limitation that this tool has is that it doesn’t work on doors that have a latch guard.

  1. HPC Hollow Follower Set

This full set of followers is easy to take with you on the go because they’re nice and compact. Thanks to the thoughtful design, fitting these followers into your toolbox shouldn’t be an issue. That means you’re less likely to lose them while you’re traveling and you can keep them in your truck for convenience.

Emergency 24/7 Locksmith
  1. Ace Breaker

This tool is perfect for when you’re working with tubular locks. It’s known as the ABK-01 and it’s made by Aable which is a very well-known and trusted tool manufacturer. Yes, using this tool will destroy the tubular lock but it really speeds up the whole process, which is good news when you’re dealing with a client that wants their door opened pronto because it’s the middle of the night. Part of what makes this set so efficient is that it has been designed to have three important components, including a perfectly sized drill bit, a drill guide, and a breaker tool to take out the often difficult center post.

  1. AK-U-Temp Installation Templates

If you’re nervous about drilling a hole in the wrong place because you’re still “green”, these installation templates will take care of the measurements for you. They’re designed to help you install deadbolts quickly and properly, and the best part is that they’re super easy to carry because they’re lightweight and durable. The even better news is that they’re dirt cheap and will come in handy for a lot of the jobs that you do.

  1. Wedgeco 3000 Broken Key Extractor Set

Now, these are the big guns here. This kit is what you take out when you want to deal with broken keys that just won’t come out of the locking mechanism. This happens to a lot of people so you’ll most likely have to use this set fairly frequently and that’s why you should keep it in your truck at all times.

The kit comes with everything you’ll need including a number of spiral key extractors and special spreader pliers that will allow you to work on double-sided doors like a pro.


Emergency 24/7 Locksmith