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Locked out? Lost your home or car keys? Need key duplication service? Call a professional local keys maker near me for help!

Just click the orange button below to call the best local 24-hour keys maker near your location straight away, to help you out with your emergency situation. Get your key copy made or emergency situation that requires locksmith help solved this instant moment!

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Why call keys maker near me?

If you’re experiencing a work or home emergency that only a locksmith can fix, the last thing you want to be doing is wasting time and effort scrolling through search results, trying to figure out what makes one service better than another. And we all lead busy lives - even if you’re in no hurry to have a key copy made, for example, you want it done with as little hassle as possible.

That’s where Key Smiths help!

You could be talking to a reputable, vetted local locksmith within a minute - all by simply tapping on the button below. We offer an automated call connection service that is easy to use and doesn’t take up your precious time any more than necessary. No talking to call center operators - just input your zip code and you’ll be connected to your nearest local locksmith, carefully selected and vetted by our team.

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How to find keys maker near me to get key copy made?

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Press the button

It’ll take you to a call screen of your mobile. If you are using a computer, simply call Key Smiths number to get started.


Call 877-593-6580

and input your zip code into the dialer. You’ll be asked to confirm that the location you are currently in is correct.

That’s it! Just two simple steps to get keys made near me by a professional keys maker.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll immediately be connected to a local locksmith in your zip code or a nearby one. No apps to download, no middlemen, no pointless talking or waiting.

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About Key Smiths

Key Smiths is a start-up founded by a group of friends. They realized that they weren’t the only ones who didn’t want to take time and effort out of their already-busy lives to hunt down reliable locksmiths during a home or work emergency (lets face it - that’s the only time when you need a locksmith fast, right?) Using their expertise in technology and programming, they devised an automatic dial-in system that would connect the caller to a reputable local locksmith in their zip code or a nearby one - all across the USA. How can you know it’s a reliable locksmith? Simple - the Key Smiths team has gone through and vetted each locksmith service provider individually. Only after evaluating them on the basis of several criteria - reviews, web presence, and others - are the locksmiths added to our database. So you can be sure of receiving quality service from a reviewed and reliable local locksmith when you use our service!

Read the blog

Yes! You heard it. We do have a blog. Now ... you are probably wondering what you will find there right? Well, let me tell you what you will find and read. You will read only the best tips and useful locksmith information because you know this is what Key Smiths is all about. We strive to provide as much information on locksmith related services as possible. So go ahead and read who knows maybe you find the thing you are looking for. If you just need a locksmith to fix your problem, then you know what to do. Psssst ... call the number

Craving for more?

Go ahead and visit our blog section.

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Don’t you want to get in touch with a reputable local locksmith without having to go through the hassle of looking them up and choosing from dozens of options?

With Key Smiths, you could have someone coming over to fix your problem within 3 minutes of making a call. If you need a local locksmith’s services and want to save yourself the headache of finding a good one yourself, don’t hesitate! Click the button below to call now!

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