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A motorcycle locksmith is a skilled locks modifier who specializes in the repair of motorcycle locks and keys. A locksmith is an important person to any motorcycle rider who knows the trouble of losing keys. You could be out on a sunny day hot and sweaty and just wishing for a cool ride home when you realize that you no longer have your bike’s keys. Rather than panic and waste even more time, your best option in such a case is to find the nearest motorcycle locksmith fast.

Your motorcycle keys can easily break inside the ignition leaving you stuck in the middle of nowhere. Trying to pry out the key on your own might cause even more damage to your bike and make things worse. The only solution is to reach to a motorcycle locksmith for help.

A professional motorcycle locksmith is well acquainted in all types of motorcycle locks. This includes popular brands and makes such as Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Harley Davidson, Victory, Ducati, and Triumph among others. The locksmith can work on every type of bike ignition system because he or she has a better understanding of each motorcycle key and how to do a motorcycle key replacement with ease.

A good motorcycle locksmith should not only be able to produce a duplicate key but also extract a broken key stuck inside the ignition. The locksmith should be conversant with key cutting skills when producing a duplicate and should be equipped with the necessary tools for the job.

Emergency 24/7 Locksmith

Every locksmith has various blank keys that are typically used to make the duplicate motorcycle keys. These key blanks are the ones that are cut in a particular setting to create a duplicate key that can be used on the motorcycle.

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Where to find a Professional Motorcycle Locksmith?

Look Online

When in dire need of a profession motorcycle locksmith it is wise to first check online for professional locksmiths advertising their services in your area. You can even read the testimonials from other customers and see the types of motorcycle keys they cut. It is important to check online reviews and testimonials to avoid falling prey to quarks. Find a professional motorcycle locksmith near you.

Motorcycle Dealers

Most motorcycle dealer shops have handymen who can handle locksmith tasks. These are the best people to contact when a key disaster emergency happens. The motorcycle locksmiths found in dealer shops are qualified enough to do the job as they work with different models of motorcycles. They are conversant with locks repairs too. Remember to ask for a good quote when dealing directly with the locksmith at the dealer’s shop.

Motorcycle Repair Shops

In every motorcycle repair shop, there is a locksmith whose main work is to replace and repair locks and keys. This is also the best place to find a qualified motorcycle locksmith in times of emergency.

Do It Yourself

In cases where you cannot access a motorcycle locksmith and you happen to be conversant with lock and key repairs, then you can go ahead and do it yourself. The most important thing, in this case, is to ensure that you have all the tools and equipment needed to do the work. You can also download a motorcycle locksmith guide online to help you out. However, only follow this DIY option if you are fully conversant with motorcycle locksmith projects. 

Motorcycle Locksmith Cutting a Key
Motorcycle Locksmith Cutting a Motorcycle Key

Key Cutting Methods done by a Motorcycle Locksmith

There are various ways that a motorcycle locksmith can use to come up with a duplicate key that can ignite your motorcycle.

These include:

Cracking Codes and Numbers

Every motorcycle has numbers and codes that identify the motorcycle brand, make and year. This information is vital not only to the locks and key services but the general repair and service of the motorcycle. Every qualified motorcycle locksmith is conversant with the numbers and codes and can easily read and understand them without any difficulty.  

The locksmith will use the code to come up with the right combination for creating a key suitable for your motorcycle. The code is usually not visible in some motorcycles as it is written under the lock. This position differs depending on the type of motorcycle you own. The code can also be found under the helmet lock or at the cylinder of the ignition lock. When the code is located under the lock, the locksmith will need to remove the whole lock in order to access the code. This is an easy task for a skilled and specialized motorcycle locksmith. It is also why you should visit a qualified motorcycle locksmith when you lose your keys.  

The codes placed under the locks are normally for motorcycles that are over fifty years old. This is due to the fact that all the codes made in old motorcycles were hidden and not displayed outside. For the new motorcycles, all you need is the VIN number. The locksmith will use the number to come up with the right combination and cut the key to the exact size of the original key. The key blanks used in this process are cut in the right pattern making sure that all twists and turns are accurately created. The end product will be a key that decodes the lock effortlessly.

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In cases where the motorcycle has no identifiable code numbers, the locksmith will modify a way to decode the lock using a blank key. This key will be wiggled around the lock and the twists and turns will make tiny marks on the blank key. The locksmith will fill in the marks and keep inserting it again and continue until he comes up with a combination that will unlock the lock. The other option is to use an Otoscope that is used by the doctors in checking the ears of a patient. The locksmith will use this tool to identify the twists and turns in the lock. He would then use a blank key to make the shapes and keep trying to unlock until the lock is decoded.


It is important to ensure that you get two keys when you visit a locksmith for a duplicate key. This will help in case you lose the key again. Every rider should seriously consider having a spare key if he or she doesn’t have one already. It is also important to keep your Key Smiths telephone contact so that you can reach a motorcycle locksmith quickly in times of key emergencies.

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