At some point or another getting a duplicate key is deemed necessary in our lives, and we have begrudgingly made the internet search of ‘Walmart key copy hours‘, ‘Walmart Key Maker‘ and ‘Walmart key copy near me‘ to rectify the situation. However just because Walmart is a readily available option and probably the nearest thing to you, doesn’t mean it is the wisest choice you could make when getting your keys duplicated. Debating which one is the ideal one. Everything is in the eye of the key beholder, but when delving deeper, there are significant advantages in hiring a professional locksmith as opposed to allowing a duplicating machine to take the reins. Find out what are the differences between the two by continually reading this blog post.

Locksmith Vs. Walmart Key Maker Pros and Cons.

locksmith vs walmart key maker machine price

The first thing we need to talk about is the price.

Locksmiths are typically more expensive when comparing both sides, but in a plethora of cases, this is not a drawback because of the differences in quality and service they provide. You have probably heard the expression, ‘you get what you pay for,’ which can’t be truer in the arena of keys duplication. Walmart is a giant for a reason, but their emphasis is on automation instead of customer service. The idea of a machine handling our key copies seems great in theory, but in taking the personal element out of creating one, sometimes the right key is not produced. There is no reasoning with a machine that has a few generic menus when there is a specific request you need to make. The Walmart key copy price point can raise a red flag because the metals utilized are cheap and more importantly, not built to last.

Locksmith measuring the cut size on a key.

Longevity of Keys Made

Just by holding a key it seems like something that is built to last forever, but this is not true and a real problem for ones that are getting used repeatedly. Locksmiths have far more leeway to determine the type of metal and materials to use in making your key. Cheap key copies can become weathered and warped over time, but a bigger concern is that the material used to make the key may be easily bent. Once the grooves no longer align on one, then you are looking at an enormous problem as the key is then rendered useless. Locksmiths have to use common sense and judgment based on what you desire in the key copy you need to have made to make sure it is the most beneficial solution for you.

More Options

Does Walmart key copy machine make keys that work everywhere? No, and most would be surprised how few circumstances the retailer can provide service on. Keys are all around us, and things like lawn equipment, safes and especially older doors will never be able to successfully use a machine to generate the right grooves. The number of key sizes and types in the ‘bank’ at Walmart are very limited. This is fine if a simple front door house key needs copying, but you will never realize how many types of keys there are until the duplication machine at Walmart keeps rejecting them. Locksmiths offer the most extensive array of solutions because the entire creed of the profession is built on adaptability.

Car locksmith phone number

Locksmith copying car key

Car Keys

We have all run into a situation resulting in being locked out of our automobile, so can Walmart make car keys for us to solve this problem? The answer is yes. However, newer vehicles have electronic countermeasures inside the car to make sure a simple copy will not access the trunk, doors, etc. While that is great to ward off criminals but what if you own the car and need access on the spot? This is where locksmiths come into the fray with car keys because they can mold problematic areas on the vehicle that store-bought copies cannot handle. For example, duplicate car keys that Walmart produces frequently have very stubborn fits inside ignitions, and occasionally do not allow turn over. It goes without saying that if you need another key for your car, then the situation is pretty serious, so simply told, it’s not worth taking the gamble. Consumers have to remember that key banks in stores are built to deliver speed, not quality. Locksmiths display their talent by procuring a perfect key. It is an art to accurately reproduce an original, and one they take pride in. The newer the make year and model is of your vehicle, less likely the key duplication machine will be able to deliver a key that will repeatedly work if it will even work in the first place.

Broken Or Bent Keys

If you have a key you are attempting to copy that is bent or broken, it is simply impossible to get it duplicated at Walmart duplicating key machine or various other department stores that have them. The machines at these locations rely on a finite amount of imperfections to operate. Additionally, the machine works by ‘accepting’ the key, similar to a handshake, and creating the duplicate accordingly. A misshaped key cannot make this ‘shake,’ and almost always the device will reject it altogether. Most people think that if a key is slightly altered, that it should still work. Keys are stubborn for a reason; so they cannot be manipulated by burglars or people that shouldn’t have access. If you have a key that doesn’t pass the ‘eye’ test in how straight and solid it appears, the chances are high that a Walmart key duplicating machine will not ‘grip’ inside the unit.

Locksmiths can handle broken keys with ease by finding out the combination number on your lock, which serves as its identification. With this information, they can cut the key with the proper grooves and ridges to make a working copy.

Conclusion and Questions & Answers about Walmart Key Maker

Usually, when something needs a key to access it, it is either essential, expensive or both. Putting this faith into an impersonal, cheap medium like a Walmart key duplication machine is a gamble, as you may make it all the way home and realize that the key does not even fit into the lock. Locksmiths are an important cog in a home and automobile access, among other areas, because they can solve problems that alternatives cannot. A universal solution to key making sounds nice, but is simply isn’t practical overall. Even though some locksmiths require a slightly more significant investment, as a consumer, you are paying for quality, customer service, and above all else, execution. So next time when you are in such situation that requires professional help from a locksmith just call Key Smiths, and we will connect you to the nearest 24-hour locksmith.

Questions & Answers to those questions asked by our viewers:

Does Walmart make keys?

Walmart doesn’t actually make keys. They have these automatic key copy machine from various providers to help you with that. The most common one to be seen at Walmart would be the minuteKEY machine. Other department stores tend to use KeyMe automatic duplication key machine. We can’t comment on which one does its job better.

I decided to try Walmart Key Maker machine. How can I find which Walmart offers key copy near me?

A simple Google Maps search for keyword Walmart key copy near me would suffice in helping you find the nearest Walmart that actually has a key copy machine. You can also ask around in your neighborhood if anyone knows a Walmart that is near has the key copier.

Does Walmart key maker make car keys with chips?

We already noted this in the blog post. Some keys can be copied for older car models. if the key needs programming, then your best bet would be to call a locksmith right from the start since key programming isn’t possible with those key duplication machines.

Walmart key copy hours?

Since Walmart uses automatic key copy machine it means we can’t really tell the available Walmart key copy hours. Use this Walmart Store Locator to find the targeted Walmart with key copy machine (which you can find by following the steps in 2nd question) and their working hours.