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Most homeowners with a porch or a balcony prefer to have glass doors fitted in these areas because they help to create an ambiance of effortless indoor/outdoor living. Interestingly, most sliding doors don’t have locks in them and only feature a latching mechanism on the handle as a way to keep them closed. This obviously compromises your safety because anyone can open the door at any time, but the good news is that installing a lock on your sliding door is actually a quick and easy process. We’ve even created a handy step-by-step guide to help you along.

The step-by-step guide to Installing a Sliding Door Lock

Clean the Sliding Door Track

Sliding door tracks can easily get blocked with dust, which is why you have to start by sweeping the track back to front using a small broom. The broom obviously won’t get rid of all the dirt but it’s going to loosen it up nicely for you so that it’s easier to vacuum. If there’s still dirt left behind after the vacuuming process, then you might need to remove the door so that you can scrub it down with a brush, soap, and water. Afterward, leave the door to dry out completely before moving on to the next step.

Mark position of first mounting hole on sliding door lock

Marking the position of first mounting hole on sliding door lock

Mark the First Mounting Hole

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In this step, you need to make sure that the lock is lined up with the bottom of the door. One way to do this is to mark the spot on the bottom of the door where the glass ends and place the lock directly on top of the mark you’ve just made. Once you’re sure that the lock is aligned with the mark, you can then draw a circle in the lock’s upper screw hole.

Drill the First Mounting Hole

Place a steel punch right in the middle of the circle you just drew, and tap it gently with a hammer. Then, drill a hole inside the small indentation you just made. Just make sure to do it carefully and slowly, because you don’t want to break the glass at the back of the frame.

Mark the Second Hole

Fasten the lock onto the inner part of the door frame, and insert a screw inside the hole you just drilled. Double-check to make sure that the lock is still aligned, and then tighten the screw. Now you can mark the second hole using your sharpie.

Drill the Second Hole

Just repeat the same process you followed in step 3 and make sure to use a balanced hand and steady pressure to avoid cracking the glass underneath.

If your lock has more then two holes for mounting your sliding door lock, all you got to do then is simply repeat the process for the rest of holes.

Mark the Hole for the Lock Bolt

Secure the lock by fastening screws into the two holes that you drilled earlier. Then, take the lock bolt and push it through the lock so that you can trace the pattern which you’ll be drilling next. Unscrew the lock and remove it from the door frame.

Drill the Hole for the Lock Bolt

Again, take your punch and hammer to make a slight indentation on the pattern you just drew. Drill the hole using a 1/8 inch drill bit, and then widen it with a ½ inch drill bit.

Mounting process when installing sliding door lock.

Installation of sliding door lock.

Install the Lock and Test It Out

Now mount the lock onto the door frame by using two screws, and then take the bolt and gently push it into the bolt hole.

Use the key to lock and unlock the lock several times to make sure that it’s working properly.

Having a lock on your sliding door will give you that peace of mind when you go to sleep at night, especially when you’ve tested it numerous times and seen that it works. And remember, if you ever need help from a professional locksmith near you just give Key Smiths a call.

Sliding Door Lock Installation Videos

Since all locks are different, we can’t really guarantee that the following guide will help you install your sliding door lock in any way. While the process is similar for all locks we would still advise you to check one of the following videos below to get a general idea, how installing various sliding door locks look like. Remember to always have the sliding door lock manual beside when installing your lock.

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