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We’ll admit; the term ‘key fob’ does sound funny and perhaps a little silly. But there’s nothing whimsical about what it can do for your safety. The way key fobs work is very similar to how the keyless devices we use for cars operate. You use it to gain entry into a particular building or restricted area without having to use a key.

By definition, key fobs are quite small and can literally fit into your pocket or purse where you’d normally keep your keys when you’re on the go. They’re used in conjunction with pre-programmed access control systems which enable you to gain access to a door or entrance that uses automatic locking technology.

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How do apartment key fobs work

Although small, key fobs actually come with built-in verification that usually requires a single factor. So, all you have to do is place the key fob next to the device reader of the entrance that you’re trying to gain access to and if the system recognizes you then you’ll be able to get in.

Key Fobs Applications

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Key fobs are a highly useful and convenient security solution for a number of applications, including parking garages, apartment complexes, gated communities, buildings with certain restricted areas, office spaces with lots of employees, communal swimming pools in exclusive neighborhoods, college campuses, gym facilities and so on.

Fobs are also a great way to secure private residences because they enable homeowners to control who gains access to their household, when and for what reasons. Some homeowners are finding them extremely useful for restricting access to Airbnb properties in order to keep the guests safe while giving the property owner peace of mind.

Advantages of using entry by Key Fobs.

Key fob lock system mounted on door.

Advantages for Keyless Entry

Using key fobs comes with five identifiable benefits, including selective entry, access records, increased security levels, convenience and customizable features.

  • Increased Security

The most annoying thing about normal keys is that they get lost or go missing, which obviously places your property in a vulnerable and risky position. So keyless security systems like fobs come with added security in that, if they get lost, you can rest assured that no one else will be able to gain entry into your home or place of business while you’re busy trying to replace them

You can also program the system to deactivate the particular ID number of a missing fob so that if a former employee, tenant or service provider tries their luck; they’re immediately denied entry. Some companies take it a step further and will allow you to change the access codes on a frequent basis so that you’re able to ensure increased security.

Some systems can be incorporated into existing CCTV or similar commercial security system that you have on your property.

Sure, the more advanced key fob systems get, the more costly they become. But when you consider the level of security that they provide, it is a completely justifiable investment, because you’ll be protecting all the valuable equipment and products- not to mention sensitive information- that is housed within the facilities.

  • Access Records

A keyless security system keeps a complete record of everyone who enters and exits the building, complete with date and time of entry. This information is very valuable and can be quantified for a number of uses, from keeping records of employee attendance, visitor data, and staff mobility, as well as turnout numbers in case of an emergency.

  • Selective Entry

In a situation with multiple keys and locks, key fobs can be a very convenient security solution because they enable you to limit access to your property and they’re completely customizable so that you can control the number of people that can gain entry, as well as the times at which they gain that entry.

This type of selective admission is recommended for environments like high-tech laboratories, product development facilities, industrial sites and spaces that are restricted to a select few duly authorized staff members. Homeowners can choose who they grant access to as well (i.e. cleaners) and at what time of the day.

  • Special Features

One of the characteristics that make key fobs so popular is the fact that they’re highly customizable. You can use them for applications other than gaining entry to a building, like controlling access to the company copy machine or vending station, hotel supply closets, gym lockets, medical equipment rooms and pharmaceutical stock rooms for example.

  • Convenience

Generally, fobs are quite reasonably priced, and you can easily replace them if they get worn out, stolen or lost. All you need to do is reprogram the system so that it only gives access to the new fob while blocking the old one.

This saves you the time and money it would normally take for you to rekey the whole property in a situation like that.

How to copy apartment key fobs

With key fobs, you can keep your property safe without the use of physical keys. But, since most people aren’t used to them, it can be quite challenging to copy them for other users.

However, there is a convenient device known as an RFID reader/writer, which enables you to copy your 125khz key fob onto an actual blank key. That said, if you have a different key fob or are just not comfortable with doing it yourself, you can hire a company that specializes in that particular service to do it for you.

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  1. Contacting a Locksmith or the Manufacturer

Most locksmiths have the equipment needed to do a key fob copy. One of the easiest ways to find a locksmith is to search for one in your local directory or through an online search. Once you’ve acquired the contact details for a few locksmiths, give them a ring to find out if they offer the service. If they answer positively, then they’ll most likely ask you to describe what your key fob is like so that they know which tools to bring.

You can also get a key fob at some major chain hardware stores, but you have to call them beforehand to describe your key fob and give them its serial number so that you’re sure that they have the right tools for the job. If they don’t have the right equipment to match your key fob, then they won’t be able to help you.

Your key fob’s manufacturer can also copy it for you, especially if the fob is for your car or home. Just call them up to find out what the cost will be and where the closest dealership is situated. The average cost of copying a key fob is usually between $150 to $400 USD.

Key Fobs RFID Scanner and Writer

RFID Scanner and Writer Devices including key fobs

  1. Using an RFID Device

RFID can be purchased online, and it’s a device that enables you to read and write 125khz key fobs. To find one, input “RFID writer and reader” on an online search engine, and be sure to only purchase a device that has positive user reviews.

  • Some RFID devices can be used to generate copies because they come with blank fobs and are conveniently handheld as well.
  • 125khz key fobs are usually used in environments like apartment complexes and office buildings.
  • The key fobs used for car keys are usually of a higher frequency.
  • You should definitely avoid copying a key that says Do Not Duplicate Key, as that’s illegal.

If you don’t already own one, you’ll do well to purchase an empty key fob, and the best way to find key fob manufacturers is by searching for “blank 125khz key fob” online. Make sure that the key fob you purchase comes with a blank key fob which you can use to copy your current key.

Place the key fob next to the device and press the button which says “read”. Afterward, put the key next to the extended part of the RFID writer for a few seconds. At this point, the reader will probably beep to say that it is done reading the key.

Then, place the blank key fob beside the device and press the “write” button this time. Afterwards, put the key next to the extended part of the RFID writer while pressing the “write” button which enables it to send information from the original key to the new key fob.

  • To make sure that the copy works, test it on your lock.
  • You can use various empty key fobs to create multiple key fobs on the same device.
  1. Using an Online Service

There are some notable key fob copying sites that you can find online that make it easier to compare rates and services. Just be sure to read the reviews before you pick one.

They will probably ask you for your proof of residence, your car’s VIN number, bill statement or any document that proves that you’re the owner of the property whose key fob is being copied. This is done to protect property owners from having their keys copied and stolen by unauthorized people.

Keep in mind that most online copying companies have a limited number of key fobs that they can copy, so you should check if yours is compatible by providing them with your key fob’s serial number.

  • Simple key fobs are generally easier to copy than more intricate versions.
  • Some service providers will ask you to send them an image of your key fob.

After you’ve completed the important steps of authenticating your ID and the compatibility of your key fob, you can proceed to the checkout section of the website, where you’ll be asked for some personal information and payment data, after which the transaction will be completed.

You can also include payment for expedited or overnight shipping if you urgently need the key fob.

After that, all you need to do is pack your key into a box and send it to the company along with an order form. The best shipping services to use for this purpose are UPS and FedEx.

Once you get back the new key, test it out to make sure that it works because if it doesn’t then you may have to let the company know and perhaps request a refund.

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